The Truth About the Kargil War is Bitter But it Has to Be told. The Kargil War is one of those situations, which is not easy to discuss. There are many people who have lost their lives in that conflict. It is the job of a person like me, a Kashmiri, to try and put across the point that the Kargil War was fought between terrorists, international terrorists and Indian Security forces. It is one of the biggest crimes of the Indian government and its armed forces and those who did participate in that war must pay the price for their actions.

The Kargil War was not fought between terrorists or against the Indian
security forces. What actually happened was that the terrorists of the Indian subcontinent suddenly found themselves in a position where they could launch a massive attack on the nuclear weapon enriched country of India. They failed in this attempt and the country has now been trying to protect itself ever since. The government wants to win the war and it appears to be succeeding.

But the question is, whatis the Truth About the Kargil War? That is a difficult question to answer as people have various and conflicting views about what actually happened in Kargil. The people of Kashmir and the people of India have always remained united in one way or the other regarding the issue. What is difficult is the fact that there are elements in both the sides of this conflict who do not want to lay down their arms and go home.

Since the Kargil War seems to have ended in a negative way, there are times when people are ready to accept whatever the world has to say about the Kargil Conflict. I do not think that anyone can say that anyone has won in this war. People have lost their lives, their houses and their livelihoods and yet they will not be moved from their places without holding some sort of discussion.

The truth about Kargil cannot remain a secret for long. It has to be discussed and debates in some forums, especially those websites that are run by ex- servicemen. If such forums are able to bring out the truth about Kargil, then it is a blessing to the people. There must be a clamour for such discussions and people must start feeling that they are not alone in fighting for their cause. Once this happens, then it is a different ball game altogether. Truths have a way of staying for longer periods of time when it comes to something that is affecting the lives of others.

One more thing that one should know about the truth about the Kargil War is that it is not going to remain quiet for long. People will not simply sit and watch the war and wait for the opportune moment to strike back. This war was instigated by terrorists who want to destabilize the internal balance of
Pakistan. The fact that they failed in their mission cannot change the reality
of what their intentions were. Hence, this war must be fought to the end and
victory must be achieved before anything else.

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